Interschool 2020

Interschool aims to develop the individual through the discipline of equestrian sport. 

To achieve this aim the four main objectives of Interschool are:

To promote equitation education and equestrian sport in school programs across South Australia;
To provide a competition structure that will give opportunities for South Australian Interschool riders a platform to progress from grass roots level to a National level with the aim of developing excellence in equestrian sport;
To encourage the development of discipline, character, sportsmanship, teamwork and a sense of achievement in Interschool riders in South Australia; and
To reward and educate riders in horsemanship and horse management with the aim of creating a competitive sporting environment that places the welfare of the horse at the fore. 




**Please note that the CT Discipline is running 2 seperate competitions (Sat and Sun. are seperate events) in order to cater for events cancelled earlier in the season

The committee have introduced a $30 Interschool registration fee (Aug - Dec.) for new combinations which will cover all disciplines.

To gain points towards:
*Discipline Champions
*School Championships Awards
*2020 Interschool High Points Leaderboard

..combinations must have current EA Membership, School Consent forms complete and Interschool Registration fee paid prior to competitions.

The current ESA High Point Leaderboard has records of those that have forms and registrations recorded.

Any questions or concerns please contact us via email:
[email protected]

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Sept 12th/13th - Entries via Nominate


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Registration/Consent Form 



National Rules

Interschool National Rules



Show Horse Rules

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Interschool Handbook



National Rules & Information: for all disciplines are on the EA National websiteclick here

Interschool SA Handbook- ALL Interschool participants (riders, parents, schools, and supporters) are encouraged to read this document. The handbook provides information about school competitions, state championships, Australian championships, SA State Interschool Team, membership requirements and specific discipline requirements. An electronic copy is available at the link below, or hard copies are available for purchase from the ESA office for $30. 

Interschool SA State Team: riders who wish to be selected for the SA State Interschool Team need to refer to the Interschool SA Selection Policy below.

2020 Interschool

In 2020 there are multiple events for each discipline, including events in regional areas. These events will include classes that qualify riders for selection for the State Team, and qualifying events will also earn points for their school toward the School Perpetual Trophy. Refer to the Event Calendar for the latest list of competitions.

To compete in Interschool classes, riders must be registered with Equestrian South Australia (ESA) prior to close of entries for the relevant event. A nomination fee is payable with the registration, which allows the rider to compete in all Interschool competitions for that discipline during the season:

  • $40 per rider/horse combination for 1 discipline
  • $70 per rider/horse combination for 2 disciplines
  • $90 per rider/horse combination for 3 disciplines
  • $100 per rider/horse combination for 4 or 5 disciplines

Alternatively, the rider/horse combination may pay a fee of $10 per event (in this instance a new registration form must be completed with each payment). It is recommended that riders aiming for state selection register for the season and compete in more than the minimum number of events to increase their chance of selection.

ALL riders competing at the ESA Riders of the Future Championships must be current Competitive Junior members of ESA, or current Interschool Junior members.

To be eligible for the 2020 Interschool Awards, you much ensure that you have completed the registration form, school consent form and paid the appropriate nomination fee.

Riders in all disciplines must meet minimum criteria to be considered for selection for the state team. Please make sure that you are aware of these requirements when planning your season.

Interschool Team SA 2019

Interschool Team SA 2018

Interschool Team SA 2017

Interschool Team SA 2016

Interschool Team SA 2015

Interschool Team SA 2014

Changes to the Interschool National rules include:

  • Full time TAFE students that are under the age of 19 years are eligible to compete
  • Primary competitions are restricted to athletes enrolled up to and including year/grade 6 in the year of competition
  • Secondary competition is for those enrolled in year 7 to 12 inclusive, in the year of competition up to 18 years of age
  • Students over 18 years of age, and who are members of EA, and who are full time high-school students, may apply for special consideration to be allowed to compete

Please refer to the Interschool page at  for the full discipline rules. 

All Interschool Application Forms for 2020 are available on Nominate.

If you have any questions, please contact the Equestrian SA Office 08 8391 0488.