Show Horse

Good luck to everyone competing in 2018-19 Show Season.

Please remember that the new EA Rules state that all horses must be Microchipped from July 1 2011. 

All EA officials must be both current members of their branch and be accredited with National office.

Equestrian SA Show Horse Committee:

Chair: Maddison Maitland    E: [email protected]

Vice Chair: Nicole Bruggemann

Secretary: Ty Manning

Finance: Dr Andrew Hunt

Committee Members:

Alyson Emery

Tracy Maitland

Kerry Halliday

Leanne Donoghue

Sally Lawrie

2018 ESA Show Horse of the Year 

2018 ESA Show Horse Leaderboard Point System  2018 ESA Show Horse Leaderboard

National Show Horse Rules 

Show Horse Newcomer Rules & Application