Become A Volunteer

Thank you for taking the time to consider becoming a volunteer within Equestrian sports. Volunteers are viewed as a valuable resource to this organisation, its staff and members. Without volunteers there would be no equestrian events!

Volunteers are always heavily relied on in all sports, especially in equestrian, however, people do not realise some of the small ways that they can help out, even for an hour or two, that can have a big impact on the running of the event. Some people may also feel restricted as they do not have any or much knowledge of horses. However, as long as you are willing to help, we will be able to find a job for you!

Benefits of volunteering

  • Learn and develop more skills
  • Keep active
  • A way of expressing gratitude and giving back to the sport
  • Meet new people
  • Make a difference within the equestrian community
  • FUN

There are hundreds of roles available throughout Equestrian sports. Some may only be on the day of the event, some can run for a number of days and others such as being a committee member can run for the whole year!


There will be a price rise from 1st August but if you join before 31st July 2024, pay the 2023/24 prices!! *Fees listed below are at 23/24 rates.

Supporter Volunteer - $120.00*

(12 month membership - financial year calendar)

What is a Supporter Volunteer?

Supporter volunteer membership is available to those that contribute to the competitive environment of equestrian sport but do not participate in competitions, or are members on the ESA Board or a member of an ESA Discipline Committee.

They are recognised as having a significant contribution to the sport and give back through their various areas. 

Supporter Volunteers are able to:

  • Covered by 24/7 Personal Accident and Public Liability Insurance 
  • Vote at ESA board elections and AGM's (18+ only)
  • Access EA & State Communication
  • Access member loyalty offers
  • Access accredited education programs
  • Attend the ESA Annual Awards Night

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