Interschool aims to develop the school aged rider through the discipline of equestrian sport.  To achieve this aim, the four main objectives of Interschool are to:

  • promote equitation education and equestrian sport in school programs across South Australia;
  • provide a competition structure that will give opportunities for South Australian Interschool riders a platform to progress from grass roots level to a National level with the aim of developing excellence in equestrian sport;
  • encourage the development of discipline, character, sportsmanship, teamwork and a sense of achievement in Interschool riders in South Australia; and
  • reward and educate riders in horsemanship and horse management with the aim of creating a competitive sporting environment that places the welfare of the horse at the fore. 

Primary competition is restricted to riders enrolled up to and including year 6 in the year of competition.  The Secondary competition is for those enrolled in years 7 to 12 inclusive in the year of competition.  In the Australian Interschool Championships, there is an additional level for Dressage - Intermediate division is for riders enrolled in years 7, 8 and 9 and senior division is for riders enrolled in years 10, 11 and 12.  However, note that the organising committee of the Australian Interschool Championships may split any other secondary class into intermediate and senior secondary. Eventing is open to all primary and secondary riders (ie it is not divided between primary and secondary).


ESA has formed an ESA Interschool Committee to assist in the running of SA Interschool. 


Important documents relating to ESA Interschool are set out below, with "click buttons" that take you to linked information.

Please note that the event Calendar, and other information, is subject to change, as most events are not held by ESA Interschool.  We will update you on any changes to the Calendar.  If you have any queries regarding the interschool events held at qualifying events, please contact the Interschool Committee in the first instance on [email protected].

ESA Interschools runs events under Equestrian Australia (National body). Please become familiar with rules and regulations and ask questions if you require support.


The ESA Interschool Event Calendar lists all qualifying events for the Interschool season. These events will include qualifying classes that are available at the Australian Interschool Championships, and placegetters will be allocated points that will assist in determining ESA Interschool State Team selection, the School Perpetual Trophy and the High Point Discipline Champions at the end of the qualifying season.   Riders in all disciplines must achieve qualifying performances to be considered for State Team selection.  Please refer to the ESA Interschool State Team Selection Process (link button below) for information on the State Team selection process and points system.

For a horse and rider combination to be considered for State Team selection, the combination must be registered for Interschool (registration via Nominate) and return to the ESA office a completed and signed School Consent Form (available via Nominate) before the date of the qualifying event that the combination wishes to compete in.

The registration is one set fee that covers any classes the combination wishes to compete in (that is, riders do not need to register per discipline). Note that each rider must also be a current Participant or Competitive ESA member in order to compete at the qualifying events. 


The facebook site "Interschool - Equestrian SA" provides the most up to date information on ESA Interschool, and includes links and reminders regarding qualifying events. Note: most information posted on Interschool SA Facebook is bulletin board aimed at informing and not for comment. If you do engage comments, please be respectful to all people and the association, including being patient as these platforms are managed by volunteers and irregularly observed.


If you have any questions, please contact the Interschool Committee on [email protected].



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Calendar of Qualifying Events for 2024 

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State Team Selection Criteria 

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Consent Form 

Consent Form must be filled out and returned to ESA prior to your first event


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