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Adcock, Tamsin Echunga 0401054731 [email protected] Level 2 General Coach & Coach Educator
Barley, Terrie-Lee Seaford 0402983101 [email protected] Introductory Coach
Barnes, Helen Freeling 0408834143 [email protected] Level 1 Dressage Coach, Skill Specific Trainer/Assessor 
Beer, Catherine Echunga  0413800630 [email protected]  Introductory Coach 
Clark, Sarah Littlehampton  0411869400 [email protected] Level 1 General & Level 2 Eventing Coach 
Dawson, Denise Yankalilla 0409124324 [email protected] Level 1 General Coach
Dellatorre, Tarli Kangarilla  0413845508 [email protected] Level 1 General Coach
Demczuk, Jessica Modbury Heights  0420990260 [email protected]  Introductory Coach  
Finn, Lisa Uraidla 0414903989 [email protected]  Level 1 Dressage Coach 
Fricker, Margaret  Echunga  0417818545 [email protected] Introductory Coach 
Fritzell, Kristina Birdwood  0410067212  [email protected]  Level 1 Vaulting Coach
Hamilton, Jane** Willunga  0422154802 [email protected]  Introductory Coach  
Haywood, Leanne Lobethal 0419865805 [email protected] Level 2 General Coach
Hersey, Melinda Mylor  0438877823 [email protected] Introductory Coach  
Heyson, Fiona  Victor Harbour  0414333691  [email protected]  Level 2 General Coach & Coach Educator
Hutcheson, Robert**  Hahndorf  0413488915  [email protected]  Level 2 General Coach & Coach Educator 
Jenkin, Judy Mount Gambier  0400956435  [email protected]  Level 1 General Coach 
Jones, Megan  Woodside  0417858371  [email protected]  Level 2 General & Eventing Coach, Coach Educator 
Jutilane-Maynard, Lyn Clarendon 0422 805 106 [email protected] Level 2 Dressage, Coach Educator
Maiden, Mandy  Willunga  0412841795  [email protected]  Level 2 Dressage Coach, Level 1 General & Coach Educator
Mann, Patricia**  Clare  0447026448  [email protected]  Level 1 Driving & Dressage Coach, Skill specific Trainer/Assessor 
Moore, Rebecca   Kanmantoo  0438551770  [email protected]  Introductory Coach
Moore-Halliday, Heidi Uleybury 0408585585 [email protected] Introductory Coach 
Oram-Thompson, Robyn  Birdwood  0439755986  [email protected]  Level 1 Dressage & Vaulting Coach
Pannell, Geoff Victor Harbour (08) 8558 8363 [email protected] Level 1 General Coach
Reed, Clive  Penfield 0409099814  [email protected]  Level 1 General Coach 
Rofe, Denise  Woodside  0429189386  [email protected]  Level 1 General & Level 2 Dressage Coach
Schaeffer-Macdonald, Wendy  Hahndorf  0481881702  [email protected]  Level 2 General Coach 
Schneeberger, Ruth Mount Torrens 0419817891 [email protected] Level 2 Dressage & General Coach
Schoeberl, Elke North Haven 0409295560 [email protected] Level 1 General Coach 
Nicolai, Audrey Mount Pleasant 0449544516 [email protected] Level 2 General Coach 
Smith, Anne Penfield Gardens 0409849950 [email protected] Level 1 General Coach & Level 2 Dressage Coach 
Smith, Lynda Monarto 0419829011 [email protected] Level 1 General Coach, Skills Specific Trainer/Assessor 
Stedman, Julia Aldinga Beach 0449680774 [email protected] Level 1 Dressage & Introductory Coach 
Sullivan, Birke Kay** Aberfoyle Park 0424761108 [email protected] Introductory Coach 
Treloar, Nigel Echunga 0448785910 [email protected] Level 2 Eventing Coach & Coach Educator 
Treloar, Melanie Echunga 0427754227  [email protected]  Introductory Coach 
Verco, Susanne Echunga 0418618833 [email protected] Level 1 General Coach
Vincent, Rachel Houghton 0400271711 [email protected] Level 1 General Coach & Level 2 Dressage Coach 
Weir, Julia Mount Barker 0407795266 [email protected] Level 1 General Coach, Level 2 Dressage Coach, Coach Educator 

**Signifies that the Coach is not current with EA standards at this time.