Congratulations to all 2016 Youth Development and Discipline Award Winners!

Youth Devlopment Scholarship Winners 2016

Show Horse - Caitlin Fricker

Dressage -  Phoebe Foulkes

Carriage Driving - Rhys Vaudin

Eventing - Steph Hann

Show Jumping - Sarah Wigney

Vaulting - Stephanie Dore


Show Horse

2016 Show Horse Young Rider of the Year – Jaimee Bruggemann

2016 Show Horse Rider of the Year – Kate Halliday 

2016 Show Horse of the Year - ‘Mirinda Princess Perfect' owned by Kate Kyros

2016 Show Hunter of the Year - ‘Yindarla Park Twilight’ owned by Angela Forster 

2016 Show Childs Mount of the Year - ‘Mirinda Princess Perfect' owned by Kate Kyros



2016 EA Dressage Horse & Rider of the Year - Cooramin Rialto Hit Owned by Cheryl Hatswell & ridden by Ruth Schneeberger

2016 FEI Combination of the Year - Rashada ridden & owned by Julia Weir

2016 Pony Combination of the Year  - Avondale Billy the KId Owned and ridden by Tara Lloyd

2016 Dressage Amateur Owner Rider & Horse of the Year - Catherine Skinner & Fibriata

2016 Dressage Young Rider of the Year -  Nicole Berry 

Carriage Driving

2016 Junior Driver of the Year - Victoria Fricker

2016 Show Horse & Driver of the Year - Beauwood Maxi & Anne Lindh 

2016 CDE Horse & Driver of the Year - Steinway & Kim Norris



Eventing Horse of the Year - ‘ Kirby Park Impress‘ ridden by Megan Jones. Owned by Megan Jones, Margaret and Peter Jones.

2016  Eventing Rider of the Year - The Anna Savage Memorial Trophy - Megan Jones  

2016 Eventing Young Rider of the Year - The Tasha Khouzam Memorial Trophy - Jaimie Stichel


Show Jumping

2016 Showjumping Junior Rider of the Year -  Amy Williams

2016 Showjumping Junior Horse of the Year - Fosters Cup – ‘FP OUTLAW’ owned by Tayla Howell & ridden by Amy Williams

2016 Showjumping Horse of the Year - Balharry Cup – ‘Bluesta’ owned & ridden by Nicole Bruggemann

2016 ‘Be Active’ Platinum League – ‘Kay Em Bambalou’ owned and ridden by Kristy Bruhn

2016 ‘Be Active’ Futures League - ‘Classic Scenario’ owned by Kurt Siviour 

2016 Showjumping Rider of the Year – Nicole Bruggemann 



2016 Junior Vaulter of the Year – Rebecca Vandepeear

2016  Senior Male Vaulter of the Year – Zac Singlehurst

2016  Senior Female Vaulter of the Year – Emma Moulds

2016 Individual Vaulting Horse of the Year –‘Next Generation Romulan’ owned by  Gail Beattie