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ESA Show Horse, Update 

ESA Show Horse has been offered assistance from the Equestrian Australia Show Horse Committee national chair and other members from other states, to run the ESA HOTY and possibly the Spring Gala in November. Note: Spring Gala yet to confirmed;

Equestrian SA Show Horse of the Year, to be held at Strathalbyn Polo Grounds, Strathalbyn, now scheduled for 15th and 16th October 2022.

For more information, HOTY Official Programme for 2022 Click Here Note: entries Via Nominate Open Friday 22nd July, at 12 noon and close Friday 15th September, at 3pm!

For any further inquiries, please contact the EASHC Chair. Kerry’s contact email: [email protected] Note: Please note Kerry has a job and will respond in her available time. Thank you for your patience.

Winter Gala Event (August)

Sorry to advised this show has been cancelled due to timing and lack of committee volunteers to run this show.

ESA Show Horse Committee Update

While ESA Show Horse is still seeking to form a new Discipline Committee for the 2022-2023 membership year, an option may include that all show horse events after the HOTY event may need to be postponed, rescheduled or cancelled until a committee is officially nominated, and elected. Thanks again for any volunteers looking to form a committee.

Yours in Show Horse SA,

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