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Equestrian South Australia Affiliation Information


Equestrian SA Affiliation - What is it?


The primary objective of EA is the development of horse sports in the FEI (Olympic) horse disciplines and the additional EA discipline of Show Horse. FEI horse disciplines currently include Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Driving, Endurance, Vaulting and Reining

Development includes assistance to clubs, associations and organising bodies involved primarily in the conduct of FEI, FEI Regional and EA discipline events and in training and development activities related to these sports. Part of this assistance is the negotiation of group insurance policies that are affordable to affiliates and allow them to conduct equestrian activities.


  • The right to use EA rules and regulations, intellectual property (ESA logo) and appoint EA-accredited Officials for their events.(See for current lists).
  •  The use of the ESA logo and name when advertising events.
  •  You can promote your show date on the ESA website.
  •  Official Competition- ESA affiliated events provide grading points to horses.  A competition may be run for both grading and non-grading competitors, encouraging more entries.  All Show Jumping events that are conducted in accordance with EA rules and held in South Australia will count for grading points.
  •  You can purchase Show Jumping score books at a reduced price alternatively ESA can forward electronic show jump scoring sheets at no cost to Affiliated Shows.
  •  The Equestrian SA Show Horse Committee will find and appoint judges (upon request) for your Hack Rings 
  •   Disciplinary- Affiliated clubs and Agricultural Societies may report breeches of EA Rules, and EA will investigate such complaints.
  •  Swabbing- EA may choose to swab horses at shows, with all costs covered by EA. Swabbing will not take place without the consent of the affiliated shows Organising Committee.
  •  All EA Members are covered by the Member Protection policy and other relevant policies of EA.
  •  You should not confuse EA Affiliated Clubs with EA Insured Clubs - these are two different things. Just because a club is EA Affiliated it may not be EA Insured and vice versa.


As of January 2003, in order to be affiliated with EA, any club or association with the exception of

a)      hunt clubs.

b)      agricultural or show societies affiliated with an Agricultural Societies Council.

c)      schools and colleges must meet the following National criteria.

  1. They must be a “not for profit” organisation and incorporated under an Associations Incorporation Act or similar legislation.
  1. Their constitution must include among the club’s objects one or more of the following “primary purposes”:

a)      The conduct of competitions in one or more of the EA or FEI Disciplines. 

b)      The breeding or exhibition of ponies or horses. 

  1. On application, clubs or associations wishing to affiliate with the EA must provide:

a)      A copy of their constitution

b)      A description of their activities, including

            i.            The nature and number of their active days and especially of their club events, and

            ii.            Membership numbers for the last two financial years. (Newly formed clubs should include their existing membership number.

  • Hunt clubs must comply with requirements 1 and 3.
  •  Agricultural or Show Societies currently affiliated with the Agricultural Societies Council in their State, which want to conduct EA competitions, may affiliate with the EA provided they comply with requirements 3bi and 3bii above.
  •  Branches will assist schools and colleges to establish equestrian clubs to meet Affiliation requirements. School and colleges that have not as yet or are unable to form an equestrian club to conduct their equestrian activities, may affiliate with EA under this policy provided they comply with requirements 3 b, i, and b ii above.

What do I need to do to affiliate my club?

Affiliating your club is easy but there are a few things that we need to see first. 

  • A copy of your Club Constitution. The club constitution is the guidelines and rules by which your club will be run. It must include all provisions for memberships, disciplinary matters, the committee and meetings etc.
  • A Copy of your clubs Certificate of Incorporation.
  •  Your clubs Risk Management Plan. This needs to be a comprehensive plan which shows that you have practices in place for assessing and identifying possible risks and that you have a risk management action plan.
  •  A copy of your clubs Public Liability Certificate of Currency for Insurance.

Please Note:   As of the 30th September 2007 your club’s Public Liability Insurance Cover must be for $20,000,000 or more.

Insurance can be organised through Equestrian Australia (02 8762 7777) or through your own broker.

  1. A description of your clubs activities including

    1.  The nature and number of your active days and especially of your club’s events, and

    2. Membership numbers for the last two financial years. (Newly formed clubs should include their existing membership number.)

How do I know what type of Affiliation to apply for?

  • Agricultural Shows (listed by SA Country Shows)

  • 0-2 Events: Your club runs 0 – 2 “Official ESA Events” meaning events that your club uses EA rules and officials.

  • 2+ Events: Your club runs 2+ “Official ESA Events” meaning events that your club uses EA rules and officials