Dressage SA - High Performance Medal Scheme

‘Recognizing and rewarding high achievements in South Australian Dressage’              


Performance medals are awarded to the rider. The horse and rider combination must gain three aggregate scores at one level listed below in official competitions. H/C scores will NOT be counted.

Medals will be awarded promptly after applications. Medal winners will be announced on the Equestrian SA Website, on Dressage SA Facebook Page and in Moving Forward. These achievements will also be formally recognized every year at the SA State Championships.

The medals are designed to be worn on the rider’s competition jacket.

The horse has a period of 2 years to obtain the three scores required to be eligible for a medal at each graded level.

The rider must have maintained continuous ESA membership throughout the whole of their qualifying period and must reside in SA for 6 months of the year within the time of application.

A horse and rider are only eligible for one medal of each description (Gold, Silver, Bronze) in each graded level.

In the event that the horse is not owned by the rider, the owners’ consent for the rider to receive a medal must be obtained in writing and submitted with the application.

Dressage SA High Performance Medal Scheme Information

High Performance Medal Scheme Application Form