Dressage SA State Dressage Squads

Dressage SA - State Dressage Squads


The purpose of selecting Dressage South Australia (DSA) Squads is to identify combinations that show the best performance at high level competition in South Australia.  Ideally, these combinations will have potential to be successful competitors at events with a larger competition base than seen in South Australia, ie interstate and national events.  Selection in the DSA Squads will lead to support from DSA to assist with further development of potential and where possible, support for travel to interstate competitions. 

General Information 

  • Three squads will be selected annually, with age definitions as per EA Dressage Rules:DSA Senior FEI Squad
  • DSA Senior Advancement Squad (Medium and Advanced levels)
  • DSA Junior/Young Rider Squad (all levels) 
  • In total, the two Senior Squads together will have a maximum of 12 horse/rider combinations, but this may vary from time to time. 
  • The Junior/Young Rider squad will have a maximum of 8 horse/rider combinations. 
  • The aim is to select the best and most consistent, well-performing horse/rider combinations to be members of the SA Senior squads and Junior/Young Rider Squads. 
  • Squad selection will be based on evaluation of performances, both ranking and percentages obtained, for the previous 12 months of a calendar year IE: January to December. 
  • Squads will be selected in December and reviewed in June each year. 
  • Only open, official competition will be considered. 
  • Young Riders and Juniors are able to compete in open and Young Rider/Junior events.

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