Microchipping is Compulsory!

Article 114 – Horse Identification at Events

1. All Horses registered with EA must have a microchip meeting Australian Standard AS 5018/5019 inserted.

2. All Horses entering in Official Competitive classified activities/events/competitions must hold EA Full Horse Registration and licensed to compete as determined by the respective state.

3. OCs at major Events such as EA Australian Championships must give an identification number (bridle number) to each of the participating horses.

4. The identification number must be worn during the whole Event at all times when the horse is out of the Event stables.

Article 137 – Horse Registration and Identification

1. Except as provided in this paragraph (1), horses and ponies must be registered with EA to enter Official Competitive Activities, Events and Competitions. Registration is a means of identification, to establish ownership for competition purposes and if need be, proof of identification and a measure of bio-security. Horses and ponies are encouraged to hold at a minimum EA Base Horse Registration to take part in Official Participation Activities, Events or Competitions and/or Closed Club/Restricted Activities, and may be enforced at a State or OC’s discretion.

2. Identification papers must include the registered number with EA, the full name, address and signature of the owner, or owners. The description of the horse and diagram must be accurately completed and it should include a record of all vaccinations and medication control tests. If the name of the horse is ever changed or any pertinent changes are made the Person Responsible must return the identification papers to EA for updating.

3. A horse must be microchipped according to the standard AS 5018/5019, before it can be registered. Members must get a registered veterinarian to fill out and sign the microchip details on the application form before EA can accept it.

4. The Person Responsible for a horse at an Event is responsible for the accuracy of their identification papers and keeping accurate results records for each Sport. Papers must be available for inspection when required by an official of EA or the OC.

5. A horse may only have one Identification document. If EA is satisfied that an Identification document has been lost, it may issue a new one clearly marked 'duplicate' and bearing the same number as the original Identification Document.

6. The President of the Ground Jury may arrange for random inspections of the horses’ identification papers, particularly those horses that win prize money so the horses concerned can be positively identified. Every case of misleading or inaccurate information on an identification paper, or if the horse cannot be positively identified, must be reported to EA or the relevant State Branch, giving the number of the identification paper and the name of the horse and the Person Responsible.

7. When a horse dies the Identification papers may be retained by the owner, but must be first sent to EA for cancellation.

8. Details of registration for the grading and/or classification of horses in each Sport are provided for in the Rules of each Sport.

9. EA shall maintain and be responsible for a register of horses for all Sports in Australia.

10. Prize money, vouchers and rewards of any kind may be withheld by the OC until the Person Responsible produces Horse Identification Papers and proof of payment of the OC's entry fee and any Sport Competition levies.

11. Foreign Owned Horses or imported horses will be classified at the discretion of the Sport concerned.

12. EA reserves the right to refuse to register any horse or to refuse to renew the registration of any horse.

13. Horse registration fees shall be payable to the EA State Branch according to each Branch’s schedule of fees.

14. Horses competing within Australia in certain FEI Events must obtain an EA National Identification Document, an FEI Recognition Card or an FEI Horse Passport, depending on the level of the event. Refer FEI Regulations.

15. Horses competing outside Australia in FEI Events must have been issued with an FEI Horse Passport or, if they have an EA National Identification Document, with an FEI Recognition Card. Refer FEI Regulations.