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Posted by manager on 06/06/2019.
Boyd Exell wins Driving Valkenswaard International
Krisztina Horvath

Boyd Exell Drives to Victory in Valkenswaard

Driving Valkenswaard International was a successful event for the Australian Drivers who took part in the international competition held at the grounds of Boyd Exell’s estate in Valkenswaard, NED.

Top drivers from across the globe battled it out in the dressage, marathon and cones competitions. Besides the individual competitions, Driving Valkenswaard International was also host to the only official Nations Cup for Four-In-Hand in the Netherlands.

Day one of competition saw Australian driver Tor van den Berge deliver a beautiful dressage test in the Horse Pairs with a score of 47,31 penalty points finishing in second place after phase one.

Boyd Exell also opened the competition strongly with an unbeatable dressage test putting him in first position in the Horse Four-In-Hand with a score of 35,19. Also competing in the Horse Four-In-Hand was fellow Australian Elizabeth Lawrence who finished the dressage phase in 29th position.

In the marathon phase Boyd Exell and his team put in an incredible performance to finish the phase in 3rd position, with Elizabeth Lawrence finishing in 25th position. In the Horse Pairs Tor van den Berge finished in 16th place from a field of 42 starters.

The final day of competition culminated with the cones phase, which also decided the winner of the overall competition in each division. Although finishing the cones phase in second place ultimately it was driving legend Boyd Exell who won the overall Horse Four-In-Hand competition with a final score of 147,61. Elizabeth Lawrence finished the cones in 27th position, and the overall competition in 24th position.

In the Horse Pairs Tor van den Berge finished the cones phase with a score of 24,73, seeing him place 14th in the overall competition.

The Australian Team, which was made up of Boyd Exell and Elizabeth Lawrence, finished in 5th place overall, from 7 teams.

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