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Posted by Equestrian South Australia on 02/05/2016.

Changes to FEI Horse Name Guidelines

The FEI is now monitoring horse name changes.  Any changes to a horses name could affect members who wish to compete at FEI Level. There is currently a small number of owners who have (and soon will be) receiving invoices from the FEI for CHF1,000.

An outcome of the FEI General Assembly was a stronger focus on monitoring horse name changes. As a result of this, EA updated their website on 1 January 2016 ( and also included a link to the FEI website where the guidelines are located (

Horse Birth Name:

1. The name of the horse in the document issued at horse birth

2. If (1.) is not applicable, the name of the horse in the first birth studbook document.

3. If the horse is not affiliated with any studbook, the name of the horse is based on the name written in the first document issued (either national passport / first original document, or FEI recognised document or FEI Passport).

The FEI have confirmed that ‘EA Certificate of Registration’ issued by the State Branches will be the “first original document” should the horse not have stud registration papers at the time of registration. The name listed under “Previous Name” will be listed as the horses BIRTH NAME and the “Horse Name” will be listed as the CURRENT NAME with the FEI. If a horse’s BIRTH NAME is different to its CURRENT NAME, the horse may be liable for charges from the FEI of CHF200 or CHF1,000 dependant on the type of name change as described in the guidelines.

It is also imperative to note, that if a member if registering a horse that has been imported and has an overseas passport, the name of the horse that is issued in its overseas passport cannot change unless the new owner agrees to pay 1,000 CHF to the FEI. National Federation passports are FEI recognised documents and apply in #3 when determining a horses birth name.

Example below:

  • Horse #5000 0000 was first registered with EA as Sun Shine
  • The horse’s name was later changed to Sun Showers
  • As stated above, if the owners would like to register the horse with the FEI under the name Sun Showers they will be invoiced 1,000 CHF for a complete name change. If the owners revert back to the horses previous name and register it with the FEI as Sun Shine there is no invoice (birth name = current name).

Birth name: SUN SHINE                     Birth name: SUN SHINE

Current name: SUN SHOWERS         Current name: SUN SHINE

Invoice 1,000 CHF                              No Invoice

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