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Posted by Equestrian South Australia on 07/10/2014.

Dressage FAQ's

We hope you find the list of FAQ's in relation to dressage competition useful.. 


Q: Can I ride in a dressage competition with a Pee Wee bit?

A: No you cannot.  They are definitely not permitted and does not meet the description of mouthpieces in the Dressage Rule Book.


Q: What length of dressage whip is allowed and can I use it all the time in competition?

A: Riders of horses may carry a whip up to 1.20m (120cm)

    Riders of ponies may carry a whip up to 1.00m (100cm)  The tassel is included when measuring a whip. 

    For any horse/pony, one whip as specified above, may be carried and used:
• in the exercise and warm-up areas
• in all tests up to and including Advanced level at all events including championships
• in FEI level tests at all national events in Australia except:
o State and Australian Championships (including 5- and 6-year-old Young Horse)
o National Young Rider and Pony Championships
o FEI-sanctioned events (CDIs)
o International events or special qualifying competitions for World Championships and Olympic Game


Q: Can I use a false tail?

A: Permitted, but must not contain any metal parts. 

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