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Posted by Equestrian South Australia on 26/05/2015.

Dressage News Update

After numerous emails of conflicting opinion and the length of time in relation to the grading of Sun and Fun, the Chairperson of ESA appointed an independent adjudicator in relation to the grading of Sun and Fun.

All prior decisions in relation to imported horses in SA were considered as well as all correspondence pertaining to this matter, DSA minutes, and FEI results including that of riders Ville Palomäki and Hayley Beresford.

A final determination has been made for the horse Sun and Fun to be graded at Medium level with 22 points conditional that the rider is Tyson Zoontjens. The ESA office advised the independent adjudicator that a Competition License had been prepared (based on information received from the Co-Chair of DSA) and forwarded on Friday 22 May 2015, displaying 15 points. It was the decision of the adjudicator that the competition license issued displaying 15 points will therefore be honoured.

The ESA office was criticised for not seeking a resolution to this matter in a reasonable or timely manner.
The Board is encouraging discipline committees to identify gaps in policy and procedures within their sport and to develop guidelines to overcome these, this will enable disciplines to address queries from the members in a timely manner.

Sharon Cimarosti
EO Equestrian SA

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