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Posted by Equestrian South Australia on 21/03/2019.

Dressage Riders Note Horse ID Rules

Riders please note the current Horse Identification Rules - Horses must be wearing ID numbers from the time they arrive at all dressage competitions.

4.8.5 Horse Identification numbers and Stallion ID at events
Horse Identification numbers are compulsory for identification purposes and must be used at all times at an event so that the horse can be identified by all Officials including Stewards.

a) two numbers are required to be worn when competing – one on each side of the horse - preferably attached to both sides of the saddlecloth, or both sides of the bridle and must be clearly legible

b) the Horse Identification Number must also be worn as described whenever the horse is being ridden/lunged/led/tethered or grazed from the time of their arrival on the grounds until the end of the event

c) identification numbers shall be discreet on white background, the colour of the numbers may vary

d) green stallion identification discs or number holders as issued by EA and must be worn by stallions at all times at an event

e) identification must be clearly displayed on both sides of the stallion’s head (attached to bridle or halter) or both sides of the saddle cloth: as per EA regulations

f) horse Identification numbers must be worn in addition to stallion discs, either as the EA issued green bridle identification number holder or the green EA issued stallion disc identification plus horse ID number

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