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Posted by Equestrian South Australia on 05/08/2016.

Equestrian riders in Rio!

Support our equestrian riders in Rio ! ‪#‎RideWithUs‬

The Olympics, one of the most legendary sporting events across the World for which equestrian has been a part for over 100 years. It is a wonderful opportunity for all participating sports to gain global recognition, attract new fans and drive commercial interest thanks to the world wide coverage.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) are measuring and monitoring the appeal and popularity of each sport during Rio as part of a process of choosing which ones remain Olympic disciplines in the coming years and equestrian sport needs to show how strong and popular it is.

That is why each and every member, stakeholder, fan and athlete from all disciples across Australia needs to watch, comment, share on social media, spread the word and support our sport during these Olympic Games.

The FEI has created an engagement driven campaign called ‪#‎TwoHearts‬and Equestrian Australia has created a campaign called #RideWithUs, so use both hashtags on all social media platforms when sharing any posts either from or about our athletes and sport, (specifically the posts from media, our National Olympic and Paralympic Committees and the official Rio 2016 page). You can also continue to use the general ‪#‎Equestrian‬ and the discipline specific: ‪#‎Eventing‬‪#‎Dressage‬‪#‎Jumping‬‪#‎Paraequestrian‬hashtags every time you share your excitement.

How to follow Equestrian during the 2016 Rio Olympics?

• The Australian Olympic Team App provides fans with exclusive Australian Team content, breaking news, alerts and unparalleled detail on the Team and athletes.
• The Australian Olympic Team’s Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.
• Equestrian Australia's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages*, as well as our dedicated Rio page will offer team member information, competition and viewing schedule dedicated to Equestrian Sport.

Channel 7 has the exclusive broadcast rights in Australia and will be broadcasting Live on free-to-air TV and will show the Games across its 3 channels offering over 900 hours of Olympic coverage : Channel 7, Channel 7TWO (this channel will be showing most of the equestrian competition) and Channel 7mate.
Live on your different devices:
• Channel 7 has launched on August 1 their Olympics on 7 App for iOS and Android.**
• In addition to the app, Channel 7 has also launched a dedicated Olympics website.**
Equestrian Australia would like to encourage all members to download the “Olympics on 7” App for a personalised experience of the games and to watch all equestrian competitions. We believe data collected from this App may be used to determine future coverage of particular sports on Free to Air, so let’s get behind our sport and help it to achieve the coverage it is due!
* Please be aware that Equestrian Australia's social media platforms are limited in the content shared during the Games due to an International Olympic Committee (IOC) policy, and Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) policy known as rule 40.3.
** The full access to content will be subject to a PREMIUM fee for some users.


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