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Posted by Equestrian South Australia on 06/09/2016.

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It has been drawn to Equestrian SA attention that the practice of “tail blocking” may be occurring in Australia. This can involve the injection of an unregistered chemical.

Tail blocking is a medical/surgical procedure that alters the tail set and carriage of horses to reduce and/or prevent tail movement. Tail blocked horses have varying degrees of permanent to semipermanent tail paralysis.

It is a practice that:

• Can have serious welfare complications for the horse

• Is banned/prohibited under the rules of all Equestrian sporting bodies worldwide

• Cannot be justified as a therapeutic procedure

• Gravely threatens the image and integrity of our sport

Equestrian SA is advising all members that the practice of altering the tail carriage of horses by medical, chemical or surgical means is banned under EA rules and the Code of Conduct for the Welfare of Horses. Responsible person(s) found to have altered the tail carriage of EA registered horses will receive sanctions under EA disciplinary rules. The practice of tail blocking in horses has no place in Equestrian sport and will not be tolerated.

Equestrian SA encourages anyone who may have information regarding “tail blocking” to contact ESA.


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