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Posted by Equestrian South Australia on 30/07/2019.

Many riders too heavy for their mounts

British research suggests only one in 20 riders may be within what they describe as the optimum weight range for their horse.

The study found that a third of recreational riders were too big for their horse, leaving the animals at risk of back troubles and lameness.

Roughly two-thirds of riders in the survey fell within the satisfactory range for body weight when assessed against their mount.

The findings have been published in the latest issue of the Journal of Veterinary Behaviour.

The researchers from Duchy College, in Cornwall, tracked a group of horses and their adult riders from stables across Devon and Cornwall.

An industry practitioner proposed a 10 per cent rider-to-horse ratio for optimum performance, up to 15 per cent as satisfactory and a level of 20 per cent to be a welfare issue. Article - Click here for full article Article - Heavy going? What rider weight means for a horse - Click here Article - Overweight Riders  -  Click here


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