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Posted by Equestrian SA on 19/02/2020.

Message from Vaulting SA Coaching Subcommittee

To all SA Clubs and members,

Vaulting SA have created a subcommittee to offer support and guidance to our Vaulting community members in regards to acquiring EA Coaching accreditations.

Our aim is to locate anyone interested in gaining these accreditations and guiding you through the process as it can be quite mind boggling to know what is required.

Step 1: reply to this email and tell us  your details and if you have any previous experiences/ qualifications ( Lunger accreditations, horsemanship courses etc)

Step 2: when we know how many interested people and their experiences we will then guide you what you need to do next. ( Purchase workbooks etc)

Step 3: we will organise Workshops with Coach educators to sign off the workbooks

We are primarily looking at people interested in gaining Intro Coaching Accreditation.
You will need to pay for your own work books and when we organise Workshops we will try to make them as affordable as possible for everyone.

Prerequisites are that you are 18yo + and a current EA member

It would be great to get more Coaches in SA and by providing support from the Discipline Committees we are hoping to encourage anyone interested.

Kind Regards from your Subcommittee,
Tony Richardson, Robyn Oram-Thomson, Nina Fritzell

If you are interested in getting your coaching accreditation then please respond to via the email address below, so we can start compiling a list.

Email: [email protected]

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