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Posted by Equestrian South Australia on 21/05/2015.

Tom Roberts - Campaign to preserve his works.

Tom Roberts is part of the history of horse training in this state. Founder of, and instructor with the Dressage Club of South Australia, a founder of and advisor to the SA Pony Club Association, a judge at many horse shows around Australia. He wrote four books, which have inspired many a modern day horse trainer, including Dr. Andrew McLean.

Pat Roberts his wife was a huge supporter of horse events over many years after Tom’s death. On her death, Tom’s collection has now come to Horse SA for preservation.

Horse SA has launched a crowdfund campaign to preserve and more widely spread the work of Tom Roberts, which includes a book about his methods, co-authored by Andrew McLean. PLEASE get behind this opportunity to preserve Tom's legacy and pay it forward to new generations

SHARE this link LIBERALLY  on your Facebook pages and donate to the cause.

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