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Posted by Equestrian South Australia on 14/10/2015.

Update to ESA Members on AGM Voting Process

ESA would like to update to its members on the process of completing a ballot paper for election of new members to its board and the election process generally. We advise that the Executive Officer of ESA has appointed Sport SA as their nominee to act as the returning officer (“the independent returning officer”). The independent returning officer will oversee the election process. Their role includes receiving the unopened ballot papers from a Post Office Box which only the independent returning officer will have access to. We have taken this step to seek to ensure that no one other than the independent returning officer will have access to the ballot papers.

Before the ballot paper is posted to the Post Office Box, we advise our members that a ballot paper is not to be signed by members eligible to vote  but is to be placed in the envelope supplied and the signature and membership number is to be completed by the voting member on the reverse side of the  envelope. Some members may have misunderstood the instructions and also signed the back of the ballot paper. However, members who have already completed the ballot papers are assured that in this instance the vote shall be considered valid.”

The Board has listened to our country members and all ballot papers post marked on or before the 16th October 2015 will be accepted.

Sharon Cimarosti

Executive Officer


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