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Posted by Equestrian South Australia on 30/11/2016.

VALE – Vince Corvi – a true Master Horseman

Vince was known as ‘The Master’ in dressage, hack and driving arenas.

To spend some time with Vince was such a learning experience, he trained his horses with dressage basics and in turn, making them very successful in the show ring whether that be under saddle or in harness.

A lesson with Vince was money well spent, you listened to what he said, then he showed you how to ride your horse forward with momentum. To ride in a better position, listen to your horse and make adjustments. Vince underlined the importance of rider balance and position to the performance of the horse. Lessons never to be forgotten.Watching Vince drive in harness competition was like watching a master class... ever the competitor, but always a gentleman, our horse world is richer for his knowledge and passion.Drive on over the rainbow bridge - master and legend.


RIP Vince Corvi 29/11/2016.

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