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Posted by Equestrian SA on 06/05/2021.

Horse Safety on the Roads in Australia

Horse SA have recently released two publications providing guidance to support keeping horse riders and other road and path users as safe as possible. One is aimed at horse riders - Horse Safety on the Roads in Australia the other at vehicle, cyclists and walker - How to safely share roads and paths with horse riders , for those that may not know the best way to approach horses they come across. 

We're educating road and path users in the best course of action when coming across a horse or horses being ridden or led on the same thoroughfare, so that everyone may stay as safe as possible. Horses are reactive by nature and may take fright and move unpredictably when confronted with an unfamiliar person or vehicle, or one that appears suddenly without warning.

I have attached the links to our website which reflects both the guide aimed at riders and the tip sheet for drivers, walkers and cyclists that may share the path with horses.

Regards, Kym Myall
Executive Officer

Horse SA

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