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Posted by Equestrian South Australia on 08/08/2018.

Important Message to Equestrian SA Members

7 August 2018

Dear Members

Your vote = your voice at the Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting on 18 September is an important date for you to have your say on the future of the association.  Please make sure it is in your diary and encourage other members among your friends and family to also attend.  Nominations have been called to fill the three Board positions that occur each year—members will be notified well in advance of any nominations and, if there are more than three, a postal vote will be held to ensure ALL members can take part.

Remember, proxy votes are not allowed at either the AGM or any special general meeting so if you can’t be there in person you won’t have a say (the exception is a postal vote which may be called if we receive more than three Board nominations).

Rules are there for a reason

Just as in competition, there are strict rules which determine how the Board is selected.  It would be irresponsible at best and illegal at worst, to deviate from the clear requirements that define these governance processes.  If you have any questions, please contact any of the ESA Board members, or download a copy of the constitution.

Strong leadership and good governance

Over the past two years, the Board has worked tirelessly to bring greater transparency and professionalism to the association.  Strong leadership and good governance mean sometimes making tough decisions in the best interests of ESA.  At times this has not been easy, with many challenges along the way.  The Board has always listened carefully to members to genuinely understand the issues facing different groups.  This is an ongoing process and you can rest assured we will continue to act with the unwavering impartiality and integrity that you should expect from any board of this level.

Review, repair and realign

The South Australian equestrian community has talent and commitment in abundance—from our most junior members through to elite competitors, judges, officials, volunteers and the hundreds of enthusiastic, loyal riders who turn up rain, hail or shine with their horses every week at competitions. The ESA Board and I are incredibly optimistic about the future of ESA and on behalf of the Board look forward to seeing you at the AGM and working together to strengthen our great sport in South Australia.


Peter Graham


Equestrian South Australia Inc

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