Awards & Leaderboard

2020 Gillian Rolton Youth Development Award Winners:

Dressage – Keeley Menadue

Eventing – Chelsea Clarke

Show Jumping – Abigail Lewis

Vaulting – Lily Moore

Show Horse – Ella Manning 


Discipline Awards:


2020 Dressage SA FEI Horse & Rider of the Year      

  • Ruth Schneeberger ROXLEIGH FIDELIO 

2020 Dressage SA EA Horse & Rider of the Year                                                             

  • Ruth Schneeberger MIRAMAR SERENE      

2020 Dressage SA AOR  & Horse of the Year                                                      

  • Melissa Boekel, REGAL WOLKENDANCE 

2020 Dressage SA Young Rider of the Year                                   

  • Nicole Berry, DANSON DEBONAIR          

2020 Dressage SA Pony & RIder of the Year                                   



2022 Eventing Young Rider of the Year Tasha Khouzam Memorial Trophy

  • Chelsea Clarke

2022 Eventing Rider of the Year Anna Savage Memorial Trophy

  • Megan Jones

2022 Eventing Horse of the Year

  • Sun Quest

2022 Eventing Novice Combination of the Year

  • Highfield Chiquitas Chico and Chelsea Clarke

The Jim Dunn Memorial Award 2022!

  • Winner is Judy Whyntie



 2020 Show Jumping Junior Rider of the Year 

  • Gabrielle Thomas

2020 Junior Horse of the Year Fosters Cup

  • Gothenburg Owned & ridden by Gabrielle Thomas

2020 Show Jumping Horse of the Year Balharry Cup 

  • SL Donato Owned & Ridden by Anthony Thomas

2020 Show Jumping Rider of the Year 

  • Anthony Thomas



No Awards this year due to Covid 



2020 CDE Dressage Pony & Driver of the Year 

  • Lock Sloy Lucien & Lisa McDonald

2020 CDE Show Driving Pony & Driver of the Year 

  • Acrobat & Anne Lindh



2020 Show Horse Young Rider of the Year 

  • Ella Manning

2020 Show Horse of the Year 

  • Peter Pan of Kensington owned by Margot Haynes & Rebecca Shute

2020 Childs Mount of the Year 

  • Kolbeach Holly's Diamond Owned by Kate Kyros

2020 Show Hunter of the Year 

  • Kolbeach Diamonds Owned & ridden by Kate Kyros
  • Kid Rock WW owned by Chelsea Hoad

2020 Show Horse Rider of the Year 

  • Jaimee Bruggemann


Equestrian SA Award Winners 2019

 Equestrian SA Award Winners 2015 


Jim Dunn Memorial Trophy - Awarded to:

  • 2022 Winner - Judy Whyntie
Jim Dunn Memorial Trophy - Past Winners



Anna Savage Memorial Trophy - Past Winners

Tasha Khouzam Memorial Trophy - Past Winners

SA Eventing Horse of the Year Trophy - Past Winners



Balharry Cup Past Winners 

Jumping Fosters Cup Past Winners 

Show Jumping Johnnies Trophy Past Winners 

Monalita Past Winners 


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