Awards & Leaderboard

2018 Gillian Rolton Youth Development Award Winners:

Dressage – Nicole Berry

Eventing – Connie Miller

Show Jumping – Thomas Harris

Vaulting – Rebecca Vandepeear

Show Horse – Brianna Duncan-Coward


Discipline Awards:


2018 EA Dressage Horse & Rider of the Year  

  • Roxleigh Fidelio Owned & ridden by Ruth Schneeberger 

2018 FEI Dressage Combination of the Year 

  • Euroz Jinks Owned & ridden by Nicole Berry       

2018 Dressage Pony of the Year 

  • Forestway Bewitched Owned & ridden by Ellen Rowlands

2018 Dressage Amateur Owner Rider & Horse of the Year 

  • Andrea Whitford & Glen Lomond Song and Dance

2018 Dressage Young Rider of the Year 

  • Phoebe Foulkes              



2018 Eventing Young Rider of the Year Tasha Khouzam Memorial Trophy 

  • Steph Hann

2018 Eventing Rider of the Year Anna Savage Memorial Trophy 

  • Sarah Clark

2018 Eventing Horse of the Year

  • LV Balou Jeanz ridden by Sarah Clark



2018 Show Jumping Junior Rider of the Year 

  • Conor Reed

2018 Junior Horse of the Year Fosters Cup

  • Nightwish Owned & ridden by Conor Reed

2018 Platinum League

  • MEC Aston Owned by Peter Graham & Ridden by Adam Metcalfe

2018 Novice League

  • MEC Aston Owned by Peter Graham & Ridden by Adam Metcalfe

2018 Show Jumping Horse of the Year Balharry Cup 

  • Jack Owned & Ridden by Kristy Bruhn

2018 Show Jumping Rider of the Year 

  • Kristy Bruhn



2018 Junior Male Vaulter of the Year 

  • Ben Rosiak

2018 Junior Female Vaulter of the Year

  • Florence Simpson

2018 Senior Male Vaulter of the Year 

  • Zac Singlehurst

2018 Senior Female Vaulter of the Year

  • Skye Barrowcliffe

2018 Individual Vaulting Horse of the Year

  • McGuinness Owned by Bob Hennig



2018 CDE Pony & Driver of the Year 

  • Beauwood Speciality & Anne Lindh

2018 CDE Horse & Driver of the Year 

  • Syrron Felippe & Dianne Norris



2018 Show Horse Young Rider of the Year 

  • Jaimee-Lea Bruggemann

2018 Show Horse of the Year 

  • Newington Tinkerbell owned by Catherine Gale

2018 Childs Mount of the Year 

  • Manorvale After Five Owned by Caitlin & Victoria Fricker, ridden by Caitlin Fricker

2018 Show Hunter of the Year 

  • Ownendale Beesting Owned & ridden by Kate Kyros

2018 Show Horse Rider of the Year 

  • Kate Halliday


Jim Dunn OAM Awarded to:

  • Les Limpus

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