SA Vaulting Levels

Vaulting South Australia Levels

The Vaulting Levels are being reintroduced by the Vaulting South Australia Committee as a way for the vaulters to demonstrate their knowledge and skill in the sport.

The levels are:  (Click on the levels to view further details)

Each level consists of a mixture of practical and theory assessment which tests the vaulters in compulsories, freestyle, horsemanship and knowledge of the sport.

Each section of the assessment must be passed to complete the level.

Vaulters may begin at any level suitable to their skill with the highest entry point being Level 5.

Each level must be completed before progressing to the next level.

A Level 1-2 Vaulting Coach or Level 1-3 Vaulting Judge should be present. Both EA and FEI accreditations will be accepted.

If presenting for an assessment then a minimum of a Level 1 Vaulting Coach or a Level 1 Vaulting Judge must be present for the Compulsory and Freestyle sections. Video footage is acceptable to present to a judge or a coach for assessment.

Compulsory and Freestyle sections of Levels Bronze/Silver/Gold must be assessed by a Level 3 Vaulting Judge. Competition scores from the past 12 months can be used. Scoresheets will need to be seen as proof.

Any person with appropriate horsemanship knowledge can assess the theory and horsemanship sections.

Only 2 levels may be completed in a given year.

Once all sections of a level have been assessed then the completed assessment forms must be sent to the Vaulting South Australia Committee at [email protected] to be ratified and the vaulter will be presented a badge at the next competition to sew onto their club uniform.

A record of vaulters and the levels they have achieved will be kept by the Vaulting South Australia Committee.